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  Welding is the process of joining metal parts to fabricate structures and machinery. There are different methods used for the purpose, depending on the material used and purpose to be [...]


  Its the system of educating young children by developing their natural interests with related activities. Its different from the formal teaching methods. Montessori is like a secondary [...]


  Gemstone is mineral in crystal form, which is found in different colors and even colorless. When cut and polished, it’s very attractive and is mostly used to make jewelry. Its very [...]

Film Industry

  The motion picture industry comprises the Artists, technological and commercial personalities and institutions like, film production companies, film studios, cinematography, marketing, [...]

Safety Management

  All our activities are for survival and a better life. Safety concerns have very import role in all walks of life. One will have to acquire specialized knowledge about the safety methods [...]

oil and gas

  Oil and Gas is also called as the Petroleum Industry. It includes the exploration, the extraction, transporting, refining and marketing. The largest volume of the product is used as fuel, [...]

Marine Technology

  It is the science about the sea. It can be hydrodynamics, navigation, oil & gas exploration from the sea or anything related to the sea. Marine industry is registering high growth with [...]


  Human beings maintain their health through good food habits, and regular exercise. Through diagnosis and treatments, we can prevent many diseases by timely intervention and preventive [...]


  Machineries and equipment were used to enhance mechanical activities. With the invention of electronics, most of the machineries and equipment were replaced with electronic equipment or [...]

Interior designing

  Its a human nature to attract attention where ever we arrange space for others to visit; one will always try to make it pleasing. Interior designing is the art of making the inner space [...]

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